Black Serenity Fine Art

Since early childhood I have nurtured a fascination with hands. It began with my mother’s… a ballerina and an artist she has always possessed the most elegant and beautiful hands. She shared my grandmother’s long slender phalanges and well kept nails. With a natural grace and quiet strength, it was true poetry in motion always. I loved nothing more than to sit still and silent, and watch her paint or dance. She found comfort in expression in much the same way I do today.

When she visited me for the holiday season past we decided to throw a fine art black and white shoot together to commit her beauty to immortality as it well deserves. Entitled Black Serenity, this was my tribute to my very first artistic muse and eternal wellspring of love and inspiration, my mother.

black serenity fine art portraiture

For the full shoot, please stop by my Portraiture gallery and leave your thoughts.


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