we were hungry before we were born

The title of this shoot comes from Fever Ray’s Keep the Streets Empty For Me – a song that has a profound bearing in the deeper reaches of my heart. In it, she sings from the viewpoint of animals, in way that is both beautiful and pensive. Songs like this hit me hard and inspire a sense of wonder and a resounding need to express the images and scenes they stir in my mind. This was shot in a macadamia grove not far from my house. It’s a rugged and peaceful place and was the natural choice in location, not only for it’s splendor but for the light as well. I used no external equipment, only my 50mm lens, a tripod and a friend to lend assistance with the props.

My Faunness was born of a waterpainting I did some time ago – all bones, antlers and spiders. The Birdspider was a new invention – he came about when I was thinking about masks and the masculine side of the ethereal. My husband and close friend both agreed to play the respective roles, much to my delight. It was a day of sheer creation – my favourite kind!

we. were. hungry, before, born, music, fever ray, tribute, inspiration, karin dreijer andersson, tribal, animals, primal

To view the full shoot, please visit my Playing With Pixels gallery.


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