tribal, warrior, male model, black and white, horns, musician, goat n hare, lowveld, viking

Meet Sunny. Lead guitarist of several local bands, the most prominent of which is Goat n Hare. He’s also a vocalist and bassist of no small skill. This young man is the walking definition of the word ‘muso’ and his skills seem to have grown more each time I hear him play. He’s also a practicing Asatruar and his lifestyle is suitably tribal. He’s as intelligent as he is beautiful and he was also one of my very first models when AlterNation began back in 2013.

This is from an impromptu shoot we cobbled together using natural light and one reflector in my garage. To see what he and the band get up to here in the Lowveld please stop by their facebook page and show some support for local SA music. For more of this shoot, please visit my Portraiture gallery and let me know any thoughts or critiques you may have.

music, goat n hare, lowveld, sa music, talent, homegrown, acoustic, guitar


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