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Love. There is more literature and poetry out there about it than any other natural human phenomenon, save perhaps for war. And love too, can be a battlefield (well, according to Pat Benatar anyway). It’s certainly a nobler pursuit then war in my opinion, and far nicer to photograph to be sure.

One of my favourite things about couple shoots is finding the right location. I try to make each one as unique and as creatively singular as I can, and this hinges quite a lot on the couple in question. Are they outdoorsy and active people or are they nerdy and perpetually pc-bound? Do they nurture a mutual love of animals perhaps, or a certain place? There always that one special thing that lights up a spark of possibility and exploring that is a fun process. It’s inspiring to see two people love one another and it’s always a humble privilege for me when I am asked to help immortalise it.

love, cute, couples, hands, promise, pinky swear, love, forever, commitment, engagement

For more of what I do with couples, please see my People Photography gallery. As always, your thoughts and feedback are welcomed.


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