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Family is the cornerstone upon which we construct our identities and our lives. Whether it’s all good, all bad or somewhere in-between, for better or worse, our family defines us. Some people are born into families that have beautiful and strong bonds while others go through life choosing their own people for their family. Either way these are the bonds we cultivate and nurture and loving them is as necessary for a healthy life as water or oxygen. I love doing family shoots if for nothing other than the tangible happiness everyone walks away with.

While we are bombarded with fear and war and destruction by the media every way we turn, to watch a family express it’s warmth is a real balm. Expecting parents, old couples who have loved longer than I have lived, toddlers full of giggles and innocence, proud parents of a graduating last-born, all are rivers that flow into the same ocean of human experience and this is something that we often take for granted. When last did you hug your nearest and dearest to you? When last did you call your brother or sister out of the blue? In eras past, quality family time was a pivotal axis in society whereas nowadays, despite technology bridging distances, families are often more separate than ever.

Life is short, so I make a point of letting my small but close-knit family know each and every day that they mean the world to me. And seeing others bask in each others’ love is an inspiring experience.

family, photography, maternity, couple, pregnancy, sisters, laughing, happiness, graduation, toddler, direction, pointing

For more on the shoots I do with families please stop by my People Photography gallery and feel free to share your thoughts and critiques.


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