The Fox and The Wolf, save the date, couple, gay, boys, enchanted forest

Every now and then you come across a couple whose love and happiness are tangible, authentic and whose euphoria catches fire and becomes contagious. Meet Renier and Billy – aka The Fox and The Wolf… the very definition of all of the aforementioned. When Billy told me that he was engaged and that he wanted to do a Save the Date shoot, I could barely contain my excitement. These two beautiful boys, clad in ink and tribal get-up, were made to be admired.

We took a relaxed drive to our favourite spot in the Lowveld, Kaapsehoop. But instead of hiking out to the well known rocks we ventured deep into the beautiful pine forests and took our time feeling out the enchantment. When we began our mission into the soft shadows and carpets of pine needles we heard thunder overhead…this grew louder and more rhythmic as we made our way, which only added to the magical mood. Before too long we found ourselves in a sun dappled clearing complete with fallen trees covered in thick moss. A spot befitting the newly engaged.

boys, love, save the date, engagement, marriage, forest, enchanted, furry, fox, wolf, theme
To view this shoot, please visit my Couples & Engagements section under my People Photography gallery. As always, your thoughts and critiques are welcome below.


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