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When you blend whimsy and angst, or colour with black velvet – you get Lloyd Lopez. He’s the owner and brains behind Lloyd Lopez Designs. His handmade couture is like something right out of a high-end, glossy London magazine. Everything from ball gowns to lingerie, lace cuffs to leather pants – he’s the guy you want behind the sewing machine.

It’s his personality that makes his work so distinctive. He stands out from the crowd as much as his work does. It’s the juxtaposition of his nature that put him in front of my camera: he has a soft, delicate disposition that is highlighted by his ferocious fashion sense. His gentle side is made all the more noticeable when you see him in an angry mood. Yet his stark and rebellious attitude completely belie his fragility and soft nature. When people of think of goths, they think of the stereotypical black eyeliner and moody teens that made the gothic subculture it is today – but Lloyd makes it into his own thing…something that’s unlike anyone else I’ve met. It’s as creative as it destructive – equal parts black and white. He’s a walking melting pot of innocence and industrial grunge and his work reflects this very much, it speaks for itself. To see what it is he creates visit his facebook page or his website here.

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To see what I created with him please visit my portraiture gallery.


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