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This was a day to remember! Out in the field and the thick of the action, crawling around in the tall grass watching stalkers stalk other stalkers; the thrill of the chase and the adrenaline when the opposing teams wrestle for the upper hand. It was a lot of fun. I’ve been a participant in several paintball games and I’ve loved them but if I’m honest, shooting the game is much more fun for me. It’s pretty tricky however, to dodge the paintball bullets whizzing past your head, to not give away one player’s position in the grass by focusing on him too long and to make sure the shots are still tack sharp and composed well. Still, very much my kind of challenge.

The guys were all very good and wonderfully accommodating – I was kitted out and shown the tactical vantage points before each of the matches began and the referee (and owner of the field, Mr Peter Valster of the Badger Company Paintball) was very diligent to ensure everyone’s safety and enjoyment. His safety presentation and demonstrations on the day were informative and all of us involved had a momentous day. Pictured above is my buddy Dexter, a paintball veteran and craft beer connoisseur.

sport, shooting, paintball, action, speed, photography

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