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Portraiture Photography is arguably my favourite genre of shooting – getting to know and understand my subject is a skill as much as it is a fascination, the crux of it being my love of psychology and spirituality in today’s world. I believe that in each one of us there is both evil and purity; both altruism and malevolence. It’s the degrees of such and the shades in between that create a person’s character. This is defined by two things: our environment and our choices.

It’s the scars, the tattoos, the unusual and the colourful that interest me. Most especially so in portraiture. It’s the stories that we share without words that I want to tell. It’s the unspoken side of you that I want to get to know so that I can commit it to a frozen image. When I think of portraiture photography I think of the classic renaissance artists poised with brush in hand and armed with eyes and hands that can create mirrors and canvases for a person’s story. My paintbrush is my camera and my paint is light.

This photo is from my first ever professional portraiture shoot with a model named Nikki . I met her when I was interning in Pretoria a couple of years back. This was in fact, one of my first ever photoshoots using a Nikon 300S, on which I trained. The photos I have of her flicking her hair remain some of my favourite shots because of the movement and maintained peacefulness in her expression.

nikki, hair, portraiture, studio, flick, movement, motion, movement

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