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Here in Nelspruit, we have a local group of skaters called G-Skate. It’s headed up by a guy called Gareth who uses skateboarding as a platform to reach out to the troubled youth and give them a sense of purpose and belonging. A noble and kick-ass cause if you ask me. Every so often they get together at an open parking lot around town to demonstrate their skating skills. It’s usually sponsored by several noteworthy local companies and provides an excellent source of networking and entertainment.

The kids are incredibly talented at what they do and to watch them defy gravity and physics they way they do is always good fun. Please have a look through my People Photography gallery to see more of these guys in action. If you’re keen to get involved with Gareth’s cause, let him know on his facebook page.

skating, skaters, action, sport, outreach, youth, urban, charity, cause

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