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Have you ever looked at a stranger and wondered what they might sound like when they spoke? Andries was that stranger to me once – he had an air of such mystery and beauty about him that it seemed almost criminal not to engage him in conversation. As the title suggests it’s always the quiet ones that have the most depth in my experience. Andries is very soft spoken but piercingly poetic and deep – so much so that he reminds me of the romantic Anne Rice novels of vampires, of those novel creatures who possess true renaissance beauty and allure.

When I was conceptualising a shoot for Andries I wanted something that would express movement, intelligence and natural beauty. Water had to have something to do with it. That turned out to be a lake at 5am on a rainy Sunday morning. What an experience it was – sipping on piping hot coffee made over a fire and creeping out into icy cold waters before the sun had a chance to show itself. The light that filtered out from the thick mist and heavy clouds provided all the ambiance and diffusion we were looking for.

It was some time after this shoot that he and I sat down together and he told me that the work we did had inspired him to look more within himself; that he had in fact seen things in himself that he hadn’t before. This made my day. As an artist and photographer it almost brought me to tears to know that I could act as an abstract mirror of sorts in which he could see himself and subsequently reach out and change things around him.

water, triptych, lake, ripples, beauty, sunrise, nature

For more of this shoot, please see my portraiture gallery and feel free to leave your thoughts below.


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