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In many ways, photography is like a microcosm of a life lived. For instance, we can choose what lenses and filters we see the world through, we can close our shutters to the things we don’t want to see…alternatively, looking right into the ugliness. We can choose to only remember or capture the beautiful moments or the horrific ones. I try to walk the lines in-between, catching in my abstract net all the things I find beautiful, even in a disturbing way perhaps, sometimes.

I find people inherently interesting and as such, I have collected many interesting photos of them throughout my travels. The above shot was of a girl I once knew who wrote all her stories on her skin in tattoos. As lovely as she was, she broke my best friend’s heart and so created one of his first invisibleĀ scars. Life has an elegance to it’s design even in the times we are at our lowest. We were out in the rocks in Kaapsehoop, a magical place I often find myself, sometimes alone, sometimes with friends. It’s a tiny village that is home to wild horses and the truly eclectic. If you’re ever around this part of the world you would do yourself a disservice if you didn’t visit.

kaapsehoop, rocks, village, hiking, sunrise, bubbles, people, beauty, beautiful

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