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I take a lot of inspiration from the natural world – in particular, the sky and storms. I find when I am at my most stressed or strung out a few minutes barefoot on the grass or in the rain can recharge my proverbial batteries seemingly right away. We are occasionally lucky enough to have some amazing summer storms here and whenever it does happen, the sky can create the most unbelievable colours. The energy it gives off is intoxicating and near impossible to capture sometimes. This was one of my many attempts just after we had a thrashing afternoon storm.

Both photography and art are about being able to see the world around you in a way that everyday things can be made into something spectacular.¬†When I was a little girl my mother used to tell me that there were real living fairies in the garden outside, I was in dumbstruck awe whenever she placed the delicate cottonwood seeds in my hands and told me to be gentle with them for they were tiny and fragile beings. She taught me that kindness was a person’s real strength. Perhaps that’s where my love of observing the little things in nature started – something from my golden childhood that I carried through to my life as an artist.

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For more of what I see in The World Around Me, click the link and let me know your thoughts and critiques.


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